Glass Mosaic Tiles Add Unique Beauty to Home Renovations

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Stunning Glass Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom, Kitchen or Home's Exterior

Glass Mosaic TilesThe application of mosaics has been used for hundreds of years in a variety of different ways, from interior and exterior home décor, to impressive cathedral art that can be found all over the world. Using small, coloured glass, stone or marble tiles, unique design patterns can be implemented anywhere within the home.
Most commonly found in the kitchen or bathroom, glass mosaic tiles bring a sense of upscale luxury and individuality to any living space. There are several factors to consider when thinking about investing in glass mosaic tiles for the home:
  • Investment and Value
  • Colour and Design Schemes
  • Functionality

Investment and Value

Renovating with mosaic tiles is not only an excellent way of enhancing a home's décor, it will also bring increased value to any property. The appearance and durability of mosaic tiles is a highly desired look and is noted as an excellent selling feature in any home.
Aside from the look of glass, stone and marble, a top-selling quality of these materials is that their beauty is long lasting. If properly cared for, mosaic tiles will retain their appeal for more than a lifetime. Glass, stone and marble are not susceptible to mold and can withstand various temperatures, meaning they can be implemented either indoors or out. This also means that they are the ideal choice for the bathroom or kitchen.

Colour and Design Schemes

Homeowners are thrilled with the amount of selection they have when it comes to various designs, colours and textures of mosaics. Depending on the specific look that is desired, it is possible to create different ambiences with traditional styles that are reminiscent of different countries, or more modern styles that represent upscale elegance.
Professionals who offer mosaic tiling services and products can walk homeowners through a range of different choices, including the following:
  • Tuscany Mixes
  • Basket Weave Patterns
  • Circular Tiles
  • Unique Borders for Floors and Walls
Regardless of the colour scheme selected, it is possible to greatly enhance the luxury of any bathroom or kitchen with rustic or sleek looking glass tiles. Professionals will work with each homeowner and help them come up with the perfect pattern, shape, colour and cut of tile in order to give the most beautiful appearance.


While the look of a new renovation is important, it is also vital to ensure that the materials selected for any home upgrade will offer high-levels of functionality and practicality. Aesthetics are highly desired but if a material cannot perform or maintain its beauty under certain levels of duress, than it could mean the home renovation investment is not a viable one.
Glass mosaic tiles offer the perfect solution, in that they are not only beautiful, they are also highly durable and are able to maintain their stunning appearance for decades. Glass, marble and stone will stay gorgeous regardless of whether they are implemented in countertops, walls or flooring. All of these materials come in various different colours and grant homeowners the ability to become creative with their renovation designs.